Let me introduce our team.

Human resources manager who will do coaching and foster local employees to develop technical skills for Inspection, improvement suggestion ability, business manners.
Operation managers who will grasp customer needs, report and communicate with factories and customers smoothly.
All staffs who will support them and business development.
Here we would like to introduce our team who is struggling in their own fields, to provide added value business process outsourcing services.


Length of service:4 years
Reason of joining the company:I wanted to be active globally.
Management in general in Cambodia
Proposal sales for Inspection, Needle inspection, Assortment.
Training and foster employees
Budget formulation, Management, Reporting

Pull out the capabilities of employees and support them to show it utmost.

I believe that it will be possible to overcome any difficult work with everyone’s power, if we can build a trusting relationship with each other.
I am trying to manage our office with awareness of creating rewarding workplace where each team can achieve their daily goals together, in a bright and fun atmosphere.
There will be culture differences between different countries, and the way of thinking and approaches to work are different as well. However PQC at any locations, are always trying to find their own style which will suits the country and people there
I think that cultivating the management ability with global mind is the key point of growth.
Working with the local staff, we aim to gain the trust from our customers eventually.

Entry for recruitment is here