Our Services

The greatest feature of our service is that developing BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) which is constructed based on customer’s diverse needs, across the world especially in the ASEAN region.
Management of business, Human resource development, and by utilizing our experiences cultivated locally through everyday life, we aim to provide the best services to satisfy our customers.

BPO(Business Process Outsoursing)

BPO(Business Process Outsourcing) is PQC’s outsourcing service carried out by our experienced staff, at PQC center or cooperating factories in ASEAN countries, Bangladesh, Turkey and India.
Apart from inspection as our main service, we always extract customer’s problem from an overall prospective, and optimizing business processes with standardization of work and re-examination of operation flow. And we will maintain and improve quality and reduce operational costs.

Business Contents

Our Services
General Inspections
Assorting by shops
Logistics Support
Production Control Support
We will try to satisfy other customer requests as well.

Handling Items
(1)Textile Products
(2)Clothing and accessories
We will work flexibly according to customer requests

PQC Training


1st S - SEIRI (sorting out) Sort
Reduce what is not required and what is excessive in the workplace, and make sure that what is necessary is available.

2nd S - SEITON (orderliness) Set in order
Determine storage places and methods, and fix the storage rules. Eliminate the time losses incurred by searching for things.

3rd S - SEISOU (cleaning) Shine
Clean workplace thoroughly, and take steps if any issues are found. Look for the reason of any dirt, and take measures accordingly. Consider cleaning as an inspection of your own workplace.

4th S - SEIKETSU (hygiene) Standardize
Keep the workplace clean so as to facilitate visual inspections. And keep it as standard.

5th S - SHITSUKE (discipline) Sustain
Create a system to maintain 5S at the workplace, and acquire the habit of following th


New inspection staff will undergo minimum 2 months training period to acquire thorough inspection skills.

①Basic training on the various items, the names and dimension of parts, etc , based on PQC manuals
②Practical training on inspection techniques by trainer, based on customer’s standard for sewing products.
③Onsite training on the various types of defects under the leaders direction.


We have been tied with Japan Textile Products Quality and Technology Center (QTEC) for the improvement of Inspection technique for textile products since 2009. We will give all our effort to provide a better and fast service to the customers and factories, in all of ASEAN region.

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