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In Bangladesh, with a population of 160 million people in the land about total area of Hokkaido and Kyushu, wherever you go, people, people, people. In Old Dhaka, southern part of capital, you can enjoy chaos and expect Bangladeshis talking to you friendly. Also in south, there are places like Dhaka University, Fortress group which had been kept process of construction in 17th Century “Lalbag Fort”, New Market, Dhanmondi area where many wealthy people live, a lot to see. On the other hand, there are newly developed areas like Gulshan, Bonani. where you can find stylish cafes, popular Curry shops, multinational restaurants including Japanese, Chinese, Korean. Quite lively places with students and wealthy people seeking novelty things. Small disappointment is that there are quite few places where you can get liquor.

Office location Information

Located in Uttara area,15-20 minutes north of the airport where further development is expected in the future. Dhaka is known as a heavy traffic city, however Uttara area has got good access to garment factories for each direction comparatively. Hence the number of buying houses, factory offices have been increasing. Though there is a little distancer from the Japanese residential area, there is a Japanese restaurant “Nagasaki”. Also as more Chinese population is increasing there you can find quite many Chinese restaurants. Souvenir shop “Aarong” Bangladesh largest store is in Uttara as well.

Office Information

Address House-11, Road-14/C, Sector-4, Uttara, Dhaka 1230 Bangladesh
Our Services Onsite Inspection  Onsite Needle Inspection  Onsite Fabric Inspection  Onsite Assortment  Inline inspection  
Production Progress Control  Factory Audit  Factory Introduction(Sewing, Fabric, Others)  Purchase  Fabric development

Center Information (DHAKA CENTER)

Address Holding:6, Block-A, Ward-53, Bamnartek Road, Noanagar, Turag, Dhaka-1711
Area 1,320㎡
Capacity(per day) Inspection, 10,000pcs/day; Metal, 20000pcs/day; Assortment, 25000/day
Needle Inspection Machine HASHIMA Two head conveyor type needle detector, 2 unit (HN-2870C-120)
Hand Needle Inspection HASHIMA, 1 unit (HN-30)

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