Let me introduce our team.

Human resources manager who will do coaching and foster local employees to develop technical skills for Inspection, improvement suggestion ability, business manners.
Operation managers who will grasp customer needs, report and communicate with factories and customers smoothly.
All staffs who will support them and business development.
Here we would like to introduce our team who is struggling in their own fields, to provide added value business process outsourcing services.

Vietnam / Naoki Fujii

Position:Factory Control Manager
Length of service:1year and 3months
Reason of joining the company:To open Restaurant in Ethiopia
In-charge:Control inspection areas and local staffs
Meeting with local factory related person and customers.

I want to acquire flexible ability to think

According to change of surrounding environment represented by evolution of technology of AI, our society is also at a big turning point.
I am thinking ‘flexible’ thinking ability can be adopted to environmental change will be important skills more than ever.
This is my first time to stay in foreign branch and I am now in a worthy situation with experiencing various values I never had before.
Heading for the aim to acquire abilities to respond and think promptly, I am operating daily tasks.
I am just working for 1 year in PQC and still my knowledge and experience of apparel is not enough but with the support from my senior colleges, I am sure that I will improve more.

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